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    Cherish & Co's Story

    Hello, Welcome to Cherish & Co. So glad that you are here!

    Cherish & Co is a brand of self-love to help every woman to cherish themselves, cherish their moment in life and to cherish others!


    Cherish & Co's story

    Created as Cherish Nail Art in 2018 by founder Jessy, only doing nail art for herself and her friends as a hobby. The idea came when she realised that so many people can’t have their nail done because of many reasons, for example, their job doesn’t allow them to have nail art, or they are just too busy to go to the nail salon. It turns out that press on nails are the best solution for everyone, They are easy to apply, nail salon quality that last for more than 3 weeks if applied correctly.

    What makes us different is when you buy from us, you buy 100% handcrafted/handmade press-ons with the utmost care and love to exclusively bring you the best quality press on nails! We understand about the beauty of real handcrafted nail art vs. factory made nails.

    We believe that every girl is worthy and deserves a beautiful set of nails. We know how it feels to have a fresh new set of nails so we want to share this amazing feeling for everyone!. We take pride in our work and strive to create a community of positive-minded individuals.

    We are proud that during Lockdown 2020, we were able to help many women in staying confident through difficult times while many nail salons were closed.

    At the end of 2020, Cherish Nail Art changed its brand to Cherish & Co because we wanted to expand our brand beyond only selling press on nails. Now we also provide a range of product for personal care and personalised gifts that will warm hearts and create a long-lasting memories. This is a perfect gift for yourself or for others to receive!

    From our humble beginnings, we will continue to grow.


    Thank you for trusting Cherish & Co!

    Be a part of our family! join now, and cherish yourself!

    Thanks again for stopping by Cherish & co




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