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    15 Reason Why You Need Press On Nails For Beginner 2022 — Cherish & Co

    15 Reason Why You Need Press On Nails For Beginner 2022 — Cherish & Co

    If you are new to press on nails, this article will help you to decide if you need press on nails.

    Press on nails are a trendy set of artificial nails that will give you the appearance of a salon quality manicure in the comfort of your own home. Its quick, fashionable and reusable. Press on nails gained popularity after being widely used by Hollywood artists.

    I started getting to know the world of nail art 4 years ago. When I came to Australia for the first time as an international student, I really wanted to wear nails but I work in the hospitality industry, where using nail art is generally prohibited because I have to handle foods. The next obstacle is the price of a manicure in Sydney is very expensive. As an international student who has to support myself, I have to save money. I finally learned nail art myself, bought nail art kits and started my nail journey. Initially I did nail art as a hobby and for myself. Over time my friends wanted to make nail art too. I finally started accepting clients. Originally self-taught from YouTube, and then I took nail art and wedding nail courses. 

    In 2020 Covid hit and everything changed, social distancing was recommended and this was the turning point where times have changed. Acrylic, gel and dipping powder, I have tried them all and all can not be done without physical contact. This is what has made press on nails boom. But guess what? it turns out that press on nails are the solution for many things, its quick, fast, easy, reusable, fashionable, and they leave your nail healthier. If you don't believe me, I've summarized the reasons why you need press on nails.


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    1. You want beautiful nails but you don’t want to wait and sit for hours in a nail salon

    Have you ever waited hours for your turn and then hours for your nails to be done? I can tell you because I'm a nail artist. I once sat for 5 hours for a full nail art set, not only bored, we also ran out of things to talk about.

    2. You want to change your nail design often

    You just got a new set of nails, but you see another design and are eager to try it. Or you just put on a new set and became bored of it quickly, but because you paid a lot for it you have to be patient until the next few weeks to replace it. With press on nail you can change it anytime and you can mix and match too

    3. You think nails are jewellery and you want to collect them all

    Sometimes you want to be simple, sometimes you want to look girly, sometimes you want to go to a party and sometimes you want to look glamorous. Like jewellery, you can collect them all and wear them when you need them. if you go to the salon, those pretty nails only last two weeks and you have to say goodbye when you remove them. Only photos left to remember #sad

    4. Your job doesn’t allow you to have nails

    Like I said, I used to work in the hospitality sector and was not allowed to wear nails, but with press on nail, you don't need to wear it when you work and when you go out you can use it.


    5. You only need nails to go on a date

    OK, you don't like wearing nails, but there's an event tonight and you need to look your best. the best solution!

    6. You are too busy and you don’t have time a for nail salon appointment

    These days, everyone is busy and time is money. for the same result as a salon, you can save 3 hours and transportation costs to go to the nail salon.

    7. You don’t want to damage your natural nails

    As a nail artist I have tried all kinds of nail systems. acrylic, sns, gel, polygel, acrygel. I can't lie about the impact it had on my own nails. for 3 years my nails have never stopped from nail art and nail extensions. To use acrylic, the nail bed must be filed for acrylic to last and when you take off the acrylic, oh man.. they look horrible and you feel like you need another set of acrylic to cover it up. With press on nails you can let your healthy nails grow back naturally and you can still look your best

    8. You want a quick nail set in under 3 minutes with nail salon quality

    Very easy to apply press on nails, lightly prep your nails, choose your glue, press on your nail for 10 sec each nail and you done!

    9. You want a complete set of nail art at an affordable price

    The price range for the press on nail is affordable, where you can use it repeatedly and you also get the complimentary kits

    10. You are too young to get acrylic nails

    are you still a teenager? press on nails is for you. Your nails are still very healthy and have not been exposed to chemicals. maybe you can use press on nail forever haha. Gen z which is younger generation, love to be on Tik Tok, You don't want to wear the same boring nails on every video.

    11. You want to change your nail design to match your outfit

    You choose the colour today, and then tomorrow it doesn't match the clothes you want to wear. oh no, this happens all the time, and you have to be patient for the next two weeks to get a new set.

    12. You can apply them when you are in mood and stash them away until next time

    You want to have nails now, but sometimes having long nails is very annoying. So you want to take it off. Do as you wish.

    13. You want to take a break from acrylic nails

    See clearly when your acrylic is removed, pay close attention to whether your nail bed is screaming for help.
    Always getting exposed to strong chemicals from acrylic can damage your nail bed. You need a break girls.

    Wedding Press On Nails

    Creativebyfi x Cherish & Co

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    14. You want the look of salon quality without having to go to the salon

    Nails always on point without going to nail salon. plus you can do it yourself. why not?

    15. It will save you a lot of time! Why wait when you can have it instantly

    3 hours becomes 3 minutes. Nothing is better than that!



    For me personally, I think in the future, press on nails will change the whole nail system. Our nail system like acrylic and gel will be replaced because of our new societies way to live is different with the current pandemic.

    Let me give you some example. Just like the CD, Windows XP, and our beloved Nokia phone, at some point, we have to say goodbye #nostalgic

    Do you agree with my summary above? comment for your thoughts and which one resonates with you.

    If you are new to press on nails and you are confused where to start, you can check my basic collection. Cherish & Co has more than 30+ colours to choose.

    Basic Cherish & Co

    Thank you for reading!


    Jessy ( Cherish & Co )

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