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    Best Long Lasting Press On Nails Australia

    Best Long Lasting Press On Nails Australia

    First and foremost, what exactly is press on nails?

    Press on nails (also known as stick on nails or glue on nails) are artificial nails made of gel, resin, ABS/gel full cover nail tips that already have a design on them. It's incredibly simple to use; the client simply needs to glue them on top of their natural nails, and they'll have the perfect manicure in minutes.

    For people who don't have time to apply nail polish or gel nails, press on nails are a revolutionary alternative. There's no mess, and there's no drying time. This is the perfect solution for our busy lifestyles.

    Violet Butterfly Handmade Press On Nails


    How long press on nails last?

    Although press-on nails are meant for temporary usage, they can last up to three weeks if properly applied and maintained.

    There are a number of factors that affect how long the press on nails will last. 

    1. PREPARATION : Before adding any nail polish or acrylic to your natural nails, the nail technician will complete proper preparation, just like when you get your nails done at a salon. So preparation is key for a long-lasting press on nails application. Press-on nails can last up to three weeks if applied correctly.

    Here's a step-by-step guide to applying press-on nails properly:


    For a better preparation, use this tool to buff the back of the press on nails as well as your natural nails.

    Mini Portable Electric File


    2. MATERIAL: Another factor that affects the durability of press on nails is the materials that they are made of. Some of the press-on nails are made of ABS plastic, which is a very thin and flimsy material. As a result, your press-on nail will not last long and will eventually break due to daily use.

    3. MANUFACTURE: To know the quality of your press on nails, you must first know who made it. If you buy press on nails from a drugstore, there's a good chance you'll get the mass-produced version.The factory-made press on nails, which are largely from China, are intended to be offered at a low cost and for mass consumption. To be profitable, they must sell in big quantities and minimise manufacturing costs, which means they have to keep their materials and labour costs low.

    In the artificial nail industry, handcrafted press on nails are the best. Each pair of nails is uniquely created to perfection using the highest quality materials by a real person of expert nail designers. The maker prioritises product quality by devoting time and effort, and can only produce a limited number of sets, making it special.  


    Luxury handmade press on nails



    The best long-lasting press-on nails are made of the highest-quality materials and are correctly applied and maintained by the user. Australia has a large number of press on nail artists and manufacturers. Based on your personal preferences and budget, choose the one that appeals to you girls!

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